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KALICO MAMA coffee is part of our women’s empowerment projects that aim to raise the awareness of women who still consider themselves excluded from the development of our society.

In this perspective, our company is working particularly with women in coffee production, since we have 70% of women coffee producers. Furthermore, we don’t leave behind disabled women with whom we are currently in partnershipm they are united under the association named “HOPE” which is in charge of brand marking our jute bags.

Therefore, our brand “Kalico Mama” is illustrated by a woman dressed in loincloth with a jar on her head and another one held in her left hand and a baby on her back to emphasize on the value of women within families as they are multi-taskers and can achieve greater feats.


KALICO INZAHABU Coffee brand ‘a butterfly” illustrates innovation to highlight our backstory about the mother with a long experience in coffee industry using traditional practices and her son, ALexandre Shaka Mugisha, current Managing Director, who joint her to introduce modernization.

Therefore, Alexandre introduced GESTAL APP used on all washing stations for farmers’ registrations (production and harvest information) for traceability.

The Founder and the President of KALICO Company was the first woman to get involved in coffee industry despite the segregation law in place in 20th century considering women as handicapped people, her achievements deserve to be accented in order to inspire other African women especially Burundian women. Her tenacity and courage has led herself and her family to a successful career in the coffee industry.

As for KALICO MAMA Brand, we prioritize women in each gait of green coffee production, we also involve the disabled women who are in charge of marking our jute bags.


KALICO WOMEN’S coffee is a specialty coffee from Muramba washing station.

 We involve  Muramba women in coffee production and  encourage them to participate as well in the development of the society.

In the logic of women’s empowerment, most of the coffee cooperatives we work with, are owned by women in the sake of inspiring rural women to strive for positive change in their communities. We do not implicate them in our projects as the only actors to take part of it, but we involve them as representatives of the center of the well-being of their families.

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