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Kamariza Claudine

Kamariza Claudine 42 years old, mother of 4 children, coffee producer since 2018 in MURAMBA.
She tells us about her experience in coffee production:
“As a coffee producer for 2 years, I was not aware of the advantages of working in women cooperative in partnership with a coffee producing and exporting company, the one who said “Unity is strength” was not wrong. In 2018, I contacted the head of the cooperative who kindly allowed me to join the women’s cooperative. I was trained in the production and entertainment of coffee, from seed to harvest. That’s how I got to know the company KALICO with which we have been collaborating for a long time. Without KALICO, I would not have been able to financially support my livestock project because the income allows me to pay my children’s school fees. Moreover, I am able to additional seeds to produce in my small home-made fields such as beans, corn, potatoes, etc. As middle class farmers, we live from day to day, but with KALICO, we can save money and start small businesses, we will always be grateful for this unique opportunity we have had.โ€

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