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 MURAGO washing station i located in Northern area of Burundi around 1720m in altitude and 1500-1800mm per year such as average rainfall in a region with a growing reputation for it especially Arabica Coffee supply. Murago is a populated locality and is located in Muyinga. The estimate terrain elevation above sea level is 1493 mters. The wet mill receives coffee cheries from 1670 smallhloder producers, especiallly women. 

We put women at the forefront of our production chain because they hold a significant place in our society and can be instrumental in its development. Evidence of this is the fact that the company’s founder is a woman, Angèle CIZA. By taking part in our activities, they are encouraged to use their talents for the sustainable development of their community. 

Disabled women are not relegated to the foreground, we are in partenership with the association of disabled women in charge of the branding of or export bags. 

Avenue de la Révolution,
Appartement no 2

+257 71 392 442




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