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Kalico’s delicious Arabica Red Bourbon operates in Northeast Burundi, where five beautiful lakes meet in the provinces of Kirundo and Muyinga. Its flavours are greatly influenced by the unique conditions – the rich volcanic soils, high altitudes of 1,650-1,750m, and the winds that grace the Lakes region.The result is clean and balanced with caramel tasting notes and consistent cupping scores above 85+.

We produce and export green coffee from seven washing stations located in Northeast Burundi in Kirundo and Muyinga provinces. We offer different types of processing at our washing stations: natural, fully washed, and honey. We are also experimenting with traditional ways to process our coffee to create unique flavours.

Kalico coffee is well-rounded, elegant, and fruity with high levels of sweetness and citrus-like acidity.

We are a proud female-led company that values the contribution of women in Burundian coffee. Over 70% of our farmers are women. We believe that good coffee is achieved by using best farming practices and investing in training, environmental protection, and social corporate responsibilities.

At KALICO we work to:

  • Ensure full traceability of our coffee beans through the M-CULTIVO platform.
  • Introduce the old traditional anaerobic processed in traditional pots.
  • Invest in community development through CSR projects
  • Be certified
  • Support women coffee growers and their families
  • Train our farmers to ensure we maintain high environmental standards
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