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She got married at 21, she was still young and knew little about life as a
wife and mother. She struggled to provide for my children and my husband was no longer
able to cover all our living expenses as a shoemaker. She told us about her experience with
coffee production:
A neighbor told me about the positive benefits of coffee production and the fact that her
family no longer has financial issues since they started producing coffee, and this inspired
me to involve my family into the coffee production business. My husband and I have been
coffee growers for a year now, although it hasn’t solved all our problems yet, we are tasting
the fruits of being part of a cooperative of coffee growers.
We are now harvesting the coffee cherries and by being part of a partnership with KALICO,
we expect to gain a lot from the coffee, as our elders who have been coffee growers for a long
time have already experienced

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